oh my heart

Uniform {worn}


I've adopted a uniform. If only my "ohmygosh why are you trying to stifle my creative soul by forcing me to wear this hideous uniform!!!" 15-year-old self could see me now as I happily put on some version of leggings, a top, and comfortable shoes every day. I'd also like to give my former self, the one who claimed leggings weren't pants, a swift kick. Toddler mamahood is hard and if the only way I can get through it is by wearing stretchy pants, then I say rock on. 

This is the "edgier" version of my uniform. I mean as edgy as a suburban mom can get. Although, my twenty-something daughters informed me that only middle age moms where leather looking leggings! Whatever. One of the benefits of being a middle aged mom is that I left all the damns I had to give back in my thirties!