oh my heart

breaking bread


i consider myself to a decent cook but baking is something that i've never really been able to crack. if i'm being honest, the precise nature of it is more than a little bit intimidating. baked goods have to taste and look delicious too!  but, february is national bake for your family month, so i'm challenging myself to bake something that terrifies me once a week.

this week i'm tackling bread. there's all of that measuring and waiting and kneading and waiting. and praying that after all of that work that it doesn't come out like a brick! while browsing pinterest, i came across this recipe. no knead and the promise of freshly baked bread on a gray and rainy day. sold!  

the results are delicious!!

i think this is my new favorite thing- fresh baked bread topped with ricotta and honey!  four ingredients and 10 minutes hands-on prep time. it's so easy and so worth it. do yourself a favor, go make this. you can thank me tomorrow.