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this post about raising kids both black and white in a "post racial" america is an excellent and gut wrenching read.


the utterly fabulous bette middler tweeted this in support of carrie fischer when twitter trolls attempted to come for ms. fischer for having the nerve to age! i think i need this cross stitched on a pillow!

i love all things true crime. like, LOVE. a friday night with a dateline mystery, keith morrison and a glass of wine is my jam. i'd actually seen the story of steven avery on an episode of dateline years ago. this netflix documentary about a man that spent 18 years in prison for he crime he was later exonerated of by dna only to convicted shortly after his release of murder is compelling. it's also an infuriating look into the so-called criminal justice system. if you haven't watched go and watch it already! 

this is an interesting read about the small things that can ultimately destroy your relationship.

   what's engaging you this week?