oh my heart


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things i regret saying, "leggings are not pants!" silly, pre-toddler, pre guacamole enthusiast me! last week i wore leggings 3 out of 7 days. i wore pajama pants on the other four but we don't really need to discuss that, do we?!

so when i'm not wearing my favorite black jeans, i'm wearing leggings. capsule dressing and simplifying my wardrobe has given me a few variations of what i'm sure will become a winter uniform-leggings, blouse, cardigan or blazer and boots.  this anthropologie sweater is at least 5 years old. i think maybe it was worn once or twice after i bought it. as a result,  it sat in my donate bin for a long time.  i always liked the pattern but recently fell in love with this bordeaux color. i'm glad i saved it!