oh my heart



 the weather in ohio is...the weather in ohio! mornings are downright cold, days are rainy and windy, then sunny, then cool again. this makes getting dressed complicated.  add in the fact that i only have two body temperatures freezing or burning up and it's a miracle i ever leave the house!

these black jeans i thrifted a few weeks ago have become a wardrobe staple. best money i've spent in a long time! i wear them at least twice a week. since the top is short sleeved i added this cute jacket. i must have an old lady spirit because i ADORE brocade! this little topper was found on the same thrift trip where i scored the jeans. i've been playing a bit with proportions and i really like the look of the cropped jacket over the longer blouse. this proved to be a perfect outfit for cool/warm/cool/rainy fall day.